Pre Nuptial Agreements / Unmarried couples

A prenuptial (or premarital) agreement is a written agreement made by a couple who intend to get married or enter into a civil partnership which specifies the financial settlement which would be made in the event that they divorce or their civil partnership is dissolved.

Whilst these agreements are not enforceable by the Courts in England & Wales an increasing number of couples are choosing to enter into prenuptial agreements. These couples want to clarify what would happen if they divorce. Often they wish to agree to exclude assets which are inherited. They feel that a prenuptial agreement is likely to minimise disagreement if they separate.

We can advise you whether such an agreement is suitable for you and if so draft an agreement to ensure that it is taken into account by the courts in the event of relationship break down.

As well as advising divorcing couples we also provide advice to couples who are living together including same sex couples. It is important for such couples to obtain legal advice because the law relating to their situation is different from the law relating to married couples.